Pink iPad on Sofa  2014
oil on linen  180 x 240 cm 
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Party Girl, Summer Wheat
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Petrova Giberson @ Mitchell-Innes & Nash
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Matt Phillips @ Brian Morris
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John Baldessari | I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art | 1971 | Lithograph | 57 x 76.4cm
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weliveinnewyorkandla :

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Maria Calandra 'pencil in the studio', studio visits with Ridley Howard and Holly Coulis
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Romare Bearden. Three Folk Singers, The Soul Three, Black Manhattan, Carolina Shout, The Prevelance of Ritual - Baptism, Madeline Jones’ Wonderful Garden, The Street, On Such A Night As This, Martinique Painting. Rare Untitled Lithograph (top to bottom). 1960s-1970s.

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"Rockaway Beach", oil on board, 7 x 5 in
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We, Linda Montano and Teheching Hsieh, plan to do a one year performance. We will stay together for one year and never be alone. We will be in the same room at the same time, when we are inside. We will be tied together at waist with an 8 ft rope. We will never touch each other during the year.
The performance will begin on July 4, 1983 at 6 P.M. and continue until July 4, 1984 at 6 P.M.
Alex and Allyson Grey: How does it feel to have the piece nearing an end? 
Linda Montano: We’re so much easier on each other now that it’s almost over, and there is a nostalgia that we couldn’t have been this way earlier. But I’ve learned a good lesson…to give 100% all the time. Usually in relationships I have thought, “I’ll open up tomorrow,” or “I’ll communicate tomorrow.” Now I realize that life is short, and it’s ridiculous to waste time. 
I also feel a sadness that Tehching and I won’t be doing an 80-year piece together…maybe we’ll do it from a distance. 
Tehching Hsieh: On a philosophical level, I feel that the piece is not nearing an end.  It’s just that we are tied to each other psychologically. When we die it ends. Until then we are all tied up.
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ernst ludwig kirchner
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Saturday Chores #1, March 8, 2014
This was our very first counter-protest. It happened on a bit of a whim. There’s no big box hardware store very close to where we live, so Grayson and I were driving toward a suburb of Raleigh called Cary, which runs over with strip malls. I had gotten a gift card to Home Depot for my birthday, and we decided to get supplies for a garden box. We passed the clinic on the way.
Grayson and I both grew up not too far away, and we’ve seen the clinic in question hundreds of times. But for some reason, on this morning in particular, the protestors got under our skin a little more than normal. Grayson suggested that we make a sign that said “Weird Hobby” and point at one of the protestors. We tried to buy poster board at Home Depot, but they don’t carry it. As we were leaving, I ripped a vinyl sale sign off of a display and took a Sharpie to it. We posted the results to Instagram and Facebook, and people flipped. 
So, we vowed to continue our Saturday Chores. 
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